Saturday, 14 March 2015

My Insatiable Typeface Obsession (Part Two)

Pink galore!
My pink SF was a 2012 Christmas gift!

Typed on pink Olympia SF De Luxe as pictured on the right...

Hello everyone,

Firstly, thank you for all the support and for accompanying me as I take baby steps into the world of blogging! This is all so new to me, so your kind words mean so much - heartfelt gratitude :)

As promised, here is part two 'showcasing' my sheer obsession with collecting as many typewriter typefaces as I can...

ITALICS Typefaces...

First typed sample I received from Rob!

Beautiful duo-tone beige Royal Portable

One of my most exciting acquisitions happened in 2012 (how time has flown!), when I was able to acquire a beautiful Royal Portable from Robert which featured an Italics typeface and pharmaceutical keys - very neat! Upon finding out who he was, I unabashedly asked if I could have his autograph, hee hee... There are so many Typospherians I look up to, I should start collecting typewritten notes and letters too :)

Coloured ribbons are pretty fun!
Please excuse the stained fingers, oops...
Continental's Schräge Zierschrift (Oblique Italics) typeface.
 I LOVE the beautiful swashes on this one - especially on the upper case!

Maroon Continental Wanderer

Sans Serif Typefaces...

Typecast on the Royal Signet - this typeface straddles both Italics and sans serif typefaces.

Beautiful Royal Signet (another lovely acquisition, this time from Alan Seaver!) It came 
with one missing  spool cover, but I was later able to acquire one from a parts machine...   
Gold plated Royal Quiet De Luxe - gorgeous <3

The Vogue typeface was an unexpected surprise!

Remie Scout Model Art Gothic typeface which strictly
 speaking  is a 'mixed' variant, but mostly sans serif... 

Remie Scout Model - with pop-up type bars ;)

I think that would be all for today's post, and I look forward to the next entry... (I welcome suggestions on what you may like me to feature in the upcoming posts, that would be most helpful!) A few hours have already gone by - mostly from editing the layout and selecting photos from an uncategorised (and oh-so-disorganised!) album comprising over 2000 photos - yikes!

I wish you a most lovely weekend, and thanks once again for reading :)

Warmest regards,


  1. Very impressive collection spanning the Typefaceosphere.

  2. Thank you so much Bill! I truly enjoy using my typewriters to journal and type out my favourite quotes, and the different typefaces add to the fun :)

  3. Wow ... a gold QDL with Vogue. Haven't seen one of those before.

    And I must memorize the term "Schräge Zierschrift."

  4. How do you manage to type with those long, beautiful fingernails?

  5. oh, wow - my dream machine does exist! that black enamel and gold plated QDL with Royal Vogue has been on the top of my want list for years, but I wasn't sure they came in that combination. :D

    Lucky, lucky dog!

  6. Thank you gentlemen! I do love my typewriters very much, and consider myself lucky to be able to enjoy this hobby and share the passion with wonderful collectors like yourselves!

  7. I manage somehow Mr Cameron! ;) And I must add that when I got my IBM Selectric, I visited your blog often!

  8. ohhh! I am going to love your blog! I almost swooned when I saw those pink Olympia typewriters.

  9. Awwww, thank you so much Carrie! I hope you continue to enjoy my blog :) Thanks for dropping by!