Friday, 27 March 2015

This Week's Exciting Arrivals!

Hello everyone,

This is a very short post just to share a couple of my latest acquisitions that have recently arrived! I am so thrilled  to have had the postman drop these off...

Signature Portable (Spencerian Script) with Interesting Interchangeable Key

It's the first time I have seen an interchangeable key like this! 

Such a (cylindrical) design allows for 12 different options - ingenious!

 Geha Wooden Display Case with Vintage Typewriter Tins

Each of the ribbon tins was wrapped in newspaper for safe shipping...

Unraveling each one is turn was fun - almost as it Christmas came early...
I love all the pretty tins - and in all shapes and prints too. Very lovely indeed!


The next parcel was...

Rare Melotyp!

This beautiful machine is just gorgeous. Mine came in its original case and in
lovely cosmetic and working condition! From what I know, the Melotyp is rare!

Just beautiful! I really love striking gold decal with the treble clef!
(That isn't a scratch under the decal, just the reflection of my iPad.)

Nestled in its case... This baby is heavy - almost 25kg !

Thanks for reading, and wishing all a most wonderful and restful weekend ahead! I hope you stay tuned as my next blog entry should be coming up sometime soon!

Warmest regards,


  1. need it posted to TWDB, plz :D
    we even have a category for it!

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  3. Roger that, I'll have to find some time during the next school vacation to update the TWDB! :)

  4. Very nice ribbon tin display.
    The Melotyp looks brand new. I do not know of too many of those. Congratulations.

  5. Amazing condition, that Melotyp! Congratulations on such a rare find in such great condition.
    They must have sold some then - had till now only seen them in promotional pictures of the period (and one so-so example somewhere on the web). Would almost believe they hadn't made any beyond the first launch production run.

  6. Hello Claudia, lovely typewriters you have.
    I am an argentinian typewriter collector. I have a beautiful Melotyp (lack the box). There are very few Melotyp out there (Mr. Robert Messenger guess just around ten).
    I am now looking for the Instruction Manual for my Melotyp (by chance, do you have one?).
    You can take a look at part of my typewriter collection in My username is "ORTBRAKER".
    By the way: I envy your unblemished pistachio green GRAPHIKA!
    Guillermo (