Tuesday, 7 April 2015

"I believe in pink... typewriters" + exciting sneak peak!

Hello everyone,

I hope that you have had a fantastic start to the week thus far! It's been such a busy few weeks of work for me, so I have hardly got the time to play around with my typewriters much, yikes! However, I have recently made a very special acquisition, so I am very excited about that... It has been shipped off to me earlier today so I am expecting it to arrive in a week or so. Once it does make its way here, I will be sure to share more about it! Meanwhile, here's a sneak peek!

I thought that for today's (brief post), I'd share about my other obsession when it comes to typewriters... Besides unique typefaces,  I seem to have a soft spot for...

Pretty-in-pink Portables...

The pink Olivetti Lettera 22 comes in a lovely (deeper) shade of pink, and I must say that the single red tab key adds to the charm for me too! :)

This baby arrived swathed like one!

Typecast dated 23rd August 2013
(Oh, the irony of most of the words printing fine until I get to 'perfection'!)

I believe that the pink Royal Quiet De Luxe was the second of my pink typewriters... They seem to be very popular, and continue to fetch high prices.

Borrowed glasses from Jase for this shot (I have perfect eyesight).

2012 Christmas gift!
This pink Olympia SF De Luxe made it to my 'had-to-have' list the moment I laid eyes on the beautiful pink and grey colour scheme. I still love it very much, and it is a lovely portable all in all for me!

The ABC pink portable is truly such eye candy, and one of my favourite choices when it comes to a Type In/Out. I love the curves of this one, and all the 'extras' it came with - including a matching user manual and gorgeous pink leather case!

I hope that wasn't too much cotton candy pink all in one post, and thank you for bearing with my indulgence! (I am still looking for a pink Royal FP, so if anyone is able to help, that'd be much appreciated too, hee hee...)

Have a wonderful rest-of-the-week!

Warmest regards,


  1. oooh, love the pink typewriters!!

    May I ask where you got pink typewriter ribbons?

  2. FJA Products :) You can Google them!