Friday, 24 April 2015

On Extra LARGE Typefaces (and Horlicks!)


Hi everyone,

TGIF, yippee :)  It's been a busy few weeks for me, and I am so thankful that the weekend is here, phew! Before I go into today's topic, I thought to document an incident that had occurred a couple of years back with our very affectionate and playful pooch, Horlicks, as pictured in all his purple glory above...

Jase and I had gone for a late-night movie, and after a nice time, we headed back home. As we were discussing about the movie (I cannot recall what movie it was), I opened the front door, turned on the lights, and shrieked! Horlicks was his usual hyperactive 'prancing' self and jumping up and down, begging to be carried... Except he was a bright (actually rather pretty) purple hue... YIKES! What... Wait... How could...

I glanced at our (all-white) sofa, and it all became crystal clear. Horlicks had managed to snatch a (red/black) typewriter ribbon off the coffee table, and then decided it would be fun to unwind and roll around in it... He left traces of evidence all over the (white!!!) sofa. After the initial shock, I actually began to laugh and chided Horlicks before whisking him off for a much-needed bath... He should really have been more remorseful, except that everything with silly Ho Ho is fun, fun, fun!

Here was he thought of the whole fiasco...

Heh heh heh!
I found the whole hullabaloo hysterical, and ever since have been ever so careful to ensure that ribbons are kept way out of reach...

I thought that for today's post, I will share more about my typewriters with extra large typefaces... I think I am partial to the larger typefaces because my own handwriting tends to be big and child-like. (I do apologise for some 'cross-posting' with a previous post.)

Smith Corona Silent (Speech-Riter No. 29)

This baby was custom-painted, and I think it was a beautiful job! But it was the stunning typeface that drew me to it!

Erika Junior (Bulletin type)

This one came from Germany and was from an advertising firm...

Typecast from 1st August 2013

Remington Model 5 (Magnatype)

It smiles! A lovely gentleman on the Antique Typewriter
Collectors group pointed its smiley face out to me :)

Smith Corona Galaxie Twelve (Sight-Saver No. 30)

This baby is one sturdy typer! I LOVE this typeface :)
The typeface looks great on Project Life cards!

Underwood SX-150 (4 CPI)

I am so thankful for all the friends I have made through this hobby! Brad was so kind as to allow me to acquire this most beautiful typewriter from him. I was so excited to open up the parcel - it's the largest typeface I own to date! 

The 'A' and 'V' are particularly neat!

A beautiful machine - this photo doesn't do it justice...

HUGE typecast!

Thank you so much for reading my post!

Till next time! 

P.S - I am thinking for my next post, I shall share on my gold-plated typewriters, or my vertical script machines, or my Smith Corona 'special keys' typewriter... I do hope you'd stay tuned! :)

Warmest regards,


  1. I do love your wonderful typeface collection!

  2. Great collection of typefaces.

  3. The photo of laughing Horlicks on the toilet is priceless.

  4. I put him down to prepare to shower him, and all the while he was still wagging away and 'pulling silly, happy faces'! Horlicks is always so mischievous and getting himself into all kinds of trouble, but his (incredibly) sweet, affectionate and upbeat nature makes it impossible not to love him! He often jumps up onto my lap and just stays there as I tap, tap, tap, ding!

  5. Great post. I like your enthusiasm, and also how you photograph your typecasts within some still life setting, rather than use a scanner. Something I'll have to try.

  6. Thanks so much for the kind words! It was not actually intentional as I do not own a scanner at home :)