Friday, 29 May 2015

Life IS Beautiful!

Hello everyone,

It's the last (official) day of the school term, and the past couple of weeks have been most hectic :)

I did however make some time to type out little quotes here and there, so that I don't suffer from 'withdrawal symptoms', hee hee!

Have a most fantastic weekend!

Warmest regards,

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Typewriters - GREAT for Weddings too!

I hope you're having a most lovely start to the weekend! It is a friend's wedding next week, and I spent a nice evening typing out some quotes for her guest book... I am much looking forward to her special day since we would be setting up a typewriter reception booth - sounds like much fun!

Montgomery Ward Escort 55 for the job...
(Script typeface!)

All typed out and ready to go!

Wonderful quotes for the special occasion!

As I am typing out the quotes, I reminisce about my own special day :) My very first typewriter was after all from my then-boyfriend, now-love-of-my-life, and we had featured it (a Royal Fleetwood) in our pre-wedding photo-shoot. I had also used an Olympia SF De Luxe to type out our wedding invites, and that was quite much fun...

The typewriter truly epitomises the union of form and function!

Have a most wonderful weekend ahead ;)

Warmest regards,

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

ABC in Baby Blue!

Comes with a matching case!
(Which could use some cleaning, hee hee...)

Hello everyone,

Heartiest greetings! Thank you for continuing to keep up with my little typewriter 'adventure', and it gives me such pleasure to be able to document this fun journey of typewriter collecting!

A parcel was dropped off at our doorstep earlier this evening, and I thought to do up a little typecast this Tuesday night and share it with you...

Right at home on my (scratched up) desk!

Little Typecast!


Ken & Barbie!

Do have a most wonderful rest-of-the-week ahead!

Warmest regards,

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Typewriter 'Therapy'

I don't perceive myself as girly as I am extremely lazy when it comes to my
appearance... BUT I do love having my nails done.. Perhaps because I
was a  nail biter for most part of my life... I only outgrew the awful habit in my 20s!

Hello everyone,

It's been more than a week since my last post, and this will be a brief one too since I really should be busy with my stacks of scripts awaiting to be marked... BUT, there is always some time to whip out a beautiful typewriter from the collection to type out a thought or a quote. It is actually very effective stress-relief therapy for me :) Nice on the eyes too!

A quote from my current read... 

Beautifully written!

The weekend is drawing near, yippee... Do have a most wonderful Friday and a fantastic weekend ahead!

Warmest regards,

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

'NEW' Typeface Surprise!

Beautiful mocha Royal Quiet De Luxe -
I have always loved the 'Shift Freedom' key!

Heartiest greetings everyone,

I hope that you have had a most wonderful start to the week thus far! I typically do not update my blog this early into the week, but a new typeface always warrants sharing, hee hee... The Italics Double Gothic variant isn't completely foreign to me. I had ever owned a 13" Signature portable a few years back that I had since put up for sale as I didn't need one with such a wide carriage. It is most lovely to be able to acquire back a machine with this rather unique typeface - and to add icing to the cake, this came as a complete surprise, yippee!


It IS a beautiful machine!

A little peek into how I catalog my typefaces...
Apologies for the typographical errors! (Borwn? Yikes!)

I hope you enjoyed this brief post and I wish you a great week ahead!

Warmest regards,

Friday, 1 May 2015

Vertical Script Variants

 Hello everyone,

Happy May Day! :) It's Labour Day here in Singapore and a public holiday, so this is a much-appreciated long weekend for me, yippee! I thought that I would share a little more about a couple of my machines which feature the vertical script typeface... (At this juncture, I should also mention that many of my photos and typecasts are not recent, but sieved out from my posts over the years in a local collectors group. Sorry for the low resolution photos as they are taken using the camera on my phone.)

Underwood Champion

Typecast from 5th May 2014

Cute as buttons :)


Test in progress...
Apologies for the poor resolution and the background mess!

Royal Model 10

Typecast from 30th June 2014

Beautiful machine!

The Royal Model 10 is interesting in that the upper case types in standard pica, much unlike its more ornate lower case. But I guess it makes it a more versatile machine? Since most official documents commanded the use of upper case, perhaps this allows this machine to be used for both 'serious business' as well as more personal documents! :)

On the topic of vertical script, something noteworthy would also be a comparison with my Smith Corona Radio Mill typewriter...

The same 'loopy' C!

I do hope that you have a most restful and wonderful weekend!

Warmest regards,