Wednesday, 9 September 2015

SENSATIONAL Selectric & Interchangeable Types

Hi everyone,

I hope that you've had a most lovely start to the week! It's the September school holidays this week, and what better way to spend a relaxing evening than to update my blog, yippee! B

As promised, I would be sharing more about a very special typewriter in m collection - insofar that its the ONLY non-manual machine in the whole of my modest collection! 

*I apologise in advance that I've mostly relied on photos of typecasts which I'd done up almost 3 years ago, and that they are riddled with errors (some which I've only just spotted!) here and that :)

Introducing my...

IBM Correcting Selectric II

Think I might have gone overboard with the stickers!

I think that it probably doesn't come as a surprise that the main reason I acquired one was the ability to switch out the adorable little 'golfballs' for different typefaces! What a variety that are available :) I am also completely fascinated by now that little type element tilts, spins and bounces off the paper at incredible speeds!

I remember the eager anticipation as I awaited for my first (yes, there was to be more!) set of elements to arrive...

A nice little set to begin with!

I soon started to try out each 'golfball' I could get my hands on... The machines types so beautifully with the little hum of the motor...

These were several typecasts I did up when I got my machine, which must have been around 2 years ago or so! (Apologies that they are in random order.)

One of my first typecast on this behemoth of a machine! :)

Calligraphy type element
Headline type element - this one's pretty neat!
Olde English type element
Olde World type element

Sunshine Script - I LOVE this type element very much!
The Oriental type element took me the longest to find -
it is such an intriguing typeface for sure! 

Golfball Condominium!

Other Interchangeable Types... [Smith Corona]

Wow, cool!
Mathematical symbols...

Nice little collection!
Typecast from a few years' back - complete with  corrections using white-out!

I hope you found this post enjoyable! :)

Thanks for reading and do have a wonderful week!

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