Monday, 31 August 2015


Lovely mocha Royal Quiet De Luxe with the unique Double Gothic Italics typeface!

Hello everyone,

I hope that you've had a most wonderful start to the week (it's Monday evening here in Singapore now) and that the weekend had been both restful and rejuvenating!

It seems like I am updating my blog less frequently than I wish I did, but I am certainly still putting my typewriters to good use, and constantly on the "hunt" for machines with unique typefaces to add to my collection!

It is just that Term 3 (July-September) of the school year is always the most hectic, and I am usually spending most of the 'free time' I have completing stacks of marking or planning for my lessons :) It is the final week of the school term, and with most of my work done (phew!), I decided that it was time to blog down recent finds and happenings!

New, Colourful Acquisition!

The colourful keys add an almost whimsical flair to the machine!

Candies for keys? ;)

I absolutely adore this new addition to my tappy family - the Corona Standard with colour-coded keys! It truly is such a beautiful machine to look at and type with. I intend to display my Corona with animal keys alongside this baby!

Spotted (and Studied)!

Olivetti Lettera 32 with Vertical Script typeface

This machine belongs to a friend, and I was very excited to have come across it. I also saved some typed samples when I realised that its typeface is a different variant to my Underwood Champion! In particular, the uppercase 'T' and 'I' stood out... I compared the typefaces side-by-side, and what fun I had playing 'Typography Detective'... Fun!

L32 & UC's Vertical Script Typefaces

L32's 'I' versus UC's 'T' - Similarity Spotted!

UC's 'I' - Pretty with a Flourish!

Another Vertical Script Machine - Old Dame ;)

Royal Model 10 with Glass Panels

Uppercase for Serious Business,
Lowercase for a Personal Touch?

When I first laid eyes on this antique beauty, I knew I had to have it shipped to me from the US. It is not often (at all) that I see the script typeface on older machines, mostly on later models with plastic bodies and keys... This was an exciting find for me indeed! I have had this old dame for a while, but I thought to shine some spotlight on her since we were on the topic of Vertical Script variants :)

Singapore Night Festival (2015)

Over two weekends in August, the heart of Singapore's arts and heritage district (where our main museums are located) features a nocturnal extravaganza with spectacular interactive performances, free museum entries, dance, music and installation artworks. The even starts at around 7pm, and lasts to around 2am! The streets are abuzz, and I really enjoy the lively atmosphere!

Jase and I look forward to the festival each year, and this year was no exception ... In fact, there was added reason to be even more thrilled than usual ...

TYPEWRITERS! They were being featured as part of an interactive 'performance', and I was so absorbed ... I did wish I could don on a jumpsuit and join them ... Clack, clack, clack, ding!

Sheer Focus!

Poetry on Demand!

We spent a couple of lovely hours walking the busy streets and visiting the Peranakan Museum and Philatelic Museum this year!

Current Read ...

Typed out a quote that struck me, and am using it
as a bookmark. After I've completed the book, I'll
keep the tag in my folder for keepsake :)

Next Mini Project ... 

For quite a while now, I have been putting more typewriters than I would like in their cases and stashed away! Ooops! It is truly time that I 'take proper inventory' of my (humble) collection and display them as they should - beautifully! 

It is also always fun and I even ordered custom inserts to experiment with. I have several ring binders filled with typecasts as well as several pages dedicated to cataloging typefaces, but since I got my first Midori Traveler's Notebook, I thought it might be fun to have one that is just for my typewriter obsession!

The rectangular boxes are where I would paste a Polaroid photograph of each of my typewriters :)

And as with most things, Horlicks has decided that he wants to be part of the whole process too! But who could resist that adorable grin? 

Mummy, may I please help? Please?

Thanks for stopping by and sparing some time to read my post! Do have a joyous week ahead!

Warmest regards,