Tuesday, 19 May 2015

ABC in Baby Blue!

Comes with a matching case!
(Which could use some cleaning, hee hee...)

Hello everyone,

Heartiest greetings! Thank you for continuing to keep up with my little typewriter 'adventure', and it gives me such pleasure to be able to document this fun journey of typewriter collecting!

A parcel was dropped off at our doorstep earlier this evening, and I thought to do up a little typecast this Tuesday night and share it with you...

Right at home on my (scratched up) desk!

Little Typecast!


Ken & Barbie!

Do have a most wonderful rest-of-the-week ahead!

Warmest regards,


  1. Nice set! Those sure do look purty. I cannot believe how color-coordinated you are :D

  2. Nice! Now all you need is a gender neutral one in a soft yellow.