Saturday, 23 May 2015

Typewriters - GREAT for Weddings too!

I hope you're having a most lovely start to the weekend! It is a friend's wedding next week, and I spent a nice evening typing out some quotes for her guest book... I am much looking forward to her special day since we would be setting up a typewriter reception booth - sounds like much fun!

Montgomery Ward Escort 55 for the job...
(Script typeface!)

All typed out and ready to go!

Wonderful quotes for the special occasion!

As I am typing out the quotes, I reminisce about my own special day :) My very first typewriter was after all from my then-boyfriend, now-love-of-my-life, and we had featured it (a Royal Fleetwood) in our pre-wedding photo-shoot. I had also used an Olympia SF De Luxe to type out our wedding invites, and that was quite much fun...

The typewriter truly epitomises the union of form and function!

Have a most wonderful weekend ahead ;)

Warmest regards,

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