Friday, 1 May 2015

Vertical Script Variants

 Hello everyone,

Happy May Day! :) It's Labour Day here in Singapore and a public holiday, so this is a much-appreciated long weekend for me, yippee! I thought that I would share a little more about a couple of my machines which feature the vertical script typeface... (At this juncture, I should also mention that many of my photos and typecasts are not recent, but sieved out from my posts over the years in a local collectors group. Sorry for the low resolution photos as they are taken using the camera on my phone.)

Underwood Champion

Typecast from 5th May 2014

Cute as buttons :)


Test in progress...
Apologies for the poor resolution and the background mess!

Royal Model 10

Typecast from 30th June 2014

Beautiful machine!

The Royal Model 10 is interesting in that the upper case types in standard pica, much unlike its more ornate lower case. But I guess it makes it a more versatile machine? Since most official documents commanded the use of upper case, perhaps this allows this machine to be used for both 'serious business' as well as more personal documents! :)

On the topic of vertical script, something noteworthy would also be a comparison with my Smith Corona Radio Mill typewriter...

The same 'loopy' C!

I do hope that you have a most restful and wonderful weekend!

Warmest regards,


  1. That Royal 10 is fantastic.

  2. Wonderful collection! Thanks for sharing the variations. My radio mill has the same, random loopy 'c'. There is no logic to this that I am aware of.

  3. Check out the Remington brochure offerred at the site:
    quite a few variations of Vertical script appear in the typeface section. (:

  4. Oooohhh, now I know I need the very calligraphic Ronde Script! Hee hee! I've never seen it, and now have something to watch out for :) a The vertical script variants shown are differences in pitch I believe; Pica or Elite!

  5. Thank you Bill!
    Dwayne, possibly to make it more distinctive from other more similar letters?

    Thanks for the link Ted, much appreciated!