Wednesday, 23 December 2015

CLEARly Unusual!

It's almost 2am here, but I couldn't resist sharing photos of my latest acquisition (from a while back actually) that I truly am in awe of ... And I think it's clear to see why (eeeps, couldn't help myself!) ...

More likely than not, this typewriter probably spent some time behind bars since the transparent housing means that nothing can easily be removed from or smuggled in with the machines ... It truly makes for a fascinating machine that I am so happy to be able to have in my collection! I had in fact been wanting one for quite a while, so I was so excited when Jase presented this to me ... He says it's a romantic typewriter since he can imagine a few love letters (at least) must have been composed with this very machine :)

*I apologize for the awkward sizing of the fonts and photos as I'd composed the last two entries on my iPad. Once I have access to my PC, I'll edit accordingly :)


  1. Very cool! How does it type and feel? I understand these clear-bodied typers are still being manufactured.

  2. Hi Joe! It types wonderfully and actually reminds me of my Royal Fleetwood except that this one has transparent housing :) I believe that Swintec still manufactures clear-bodied typewriters but this manual Royal typewriter should be an older production!

  3. Very nice. First manual I've seen in a clear housing. Swintec makes electric clear ones especially for prisons.

  4. The first one I I saw one (online) was at this site - and then I knew I wanted one if the opportunity arose :)

  5. Hmmn, Silver-Seiko built this model for Royal between 1969 and 1974-ish, so if it's a prison typer, it's an old one (:

  6. What a nifty looking typewriter! I've never seen one with a clear body before.


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